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We connect accomplished Latin American software engineers with our portfolio of growing U.S. companies. We solve the toughest part of building great software – connecting with the right talent. Our roots are in Costa Rica, where we’ve spent the past 10 years building relationships with engineers and technology innovators. These relationships give us unique access to the rapidly growing talent market across Latin America.

We’re a great place to work.

We’re a global community of forward-thinking people who value innovation, communication, and productivity. We love exploring new technologies and building great products, while working remotely all over the world.

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Meet the SalsaMobi team.



Boris Portman

Boris is a CTO and CXO executive with more than 15 years of business and technology experience. He leads the strategic vision of SalsaMobi and provides technical guidance to our clients and development team.

Ajay Pall headshot


Ajay Pall

Ajay brings over 26 years of experience in software development and engineering leadership to SalsaMobi. He is experienced in building distributed, motivated teams to enable successful delivery for both startups and larger organizations.