Adelquis Trinidad

Adelquis T - Salsa

Project Manager & QA Automation Engineer | Argentina

Adelquis is a software development engineer with more than eight years of experience. He loves helping teams to produce high-quality software and to design robust tests automation. His main goal is to assure the quality of his clients' apps/systems, always focusing on the organization’s needs. He has exceptionally skilled in processes and techniques on test automation, as well as, on manual verification tasks. Adelquis is very interested in open-source code. 

Notable Experience

Adelquis has been performing testing and QA for over 8 years.

He has worked on multiple projects for large US based companies.



Software Developer and QA
Endava (September 2013 - Present)

Project: Tableau (August 2016 - February 2019)
The application is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data into an easily understandable format.

  • Team Tasks: Create connectors to retrieve data from external companies to the client’s tools
  • Technical Skills and Tools: Selenium WebDriverJS, NPM, Node, WebdriverIO, JavaScript ES5 and ES6, TFS, GIT, Travis

Project: NYC e-commerce company (January 2015 - July 2016)
Project involved development and changes of several web applications. The objective of the main app is to process XML files that come from the different vendors and are stored on Linux servers, the result of this process is ingested into the database of the client, and then another app (developed by the team) takes and send these data to the portal.

  • Role: Senior tester 
  • Team Tasks: Design of the technical architecture of the system (software infrastructure), development and implementation of the application, implemented functionalities, functional, developing tests as code samples targeting specific product area, technical documentation and give support to the clients
  • Technical Skills and Tools: software testing techniques, web services testing, SQL validations, XML scheme validations, validations on Linux servers

Project: American corporation  (September 2013 - January 2015)
The client is known primarily as an online publisher of news and information pertaining to human health and well-being. The site is one of the top healthcare websites by unique visitors. Project involved changes in web applications. 

  • Role: Tester 
  • Team Tasks: Maintenance of one of the client's products, adding improvements and fixes required for customers

QC Analyst Tester
Globant (March 2013 - September 2013)
The client is an innovative shopping community built around Client’s social network. They empower clients to quickly find relevant product information, comments, and recommendations from their friends

  • Role: Tester 
  • Team Tasks: Development and changes of several web applications

Neoris (June 2010 - March 2013)

  • Role: QA Tester
  • Team Tasks: Development and maintenance of the application for an American client


Scrum Alliance
Certified Scrum Developer (2016- 2018)
License Number: 637707

Universidad Abierta Interamericana
Systems Engineering (2010 - 2016)


Testing Skills: Exploratory testing, SQL, automation testing using Selenium WebDriver, automation framework development applying Page Object Pattern and JavaScript as programming languages, writing and executing test cases, bugs reporting, estimations, test plans creation, API/Backend Test Automation, end-to-end and integration tests, fiddler for capturing requests and doing test analysis

Developer Skills: JavaScript, C#, Java, Node.js, Mocha, Jest (Unit test and automated test verification), Travis CI for continuous integration, Selenium Web Driver (webdriverJS), GIT and GitHub