Christopher Hart

Front-End Web Developer | Santiago, Chile

Christopher is a senior developer with over ten years of experience creating complex JavaScript applications. He solves problems using web standards, Unix philosophy, and domain-driven design. Christopher enjoys the knowledge sharing that teamwork facilitates. He is a strong communicator which helps him thrive in remote environments. Christopher cares about doing things well and delivering exceptional work.


Christopher’s experiences and passion make him an ideal remote team member. He would be a great addition to the HyperGiant team.

Christopher has been working with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for over 10 years. His extensive knowledge helps him solve problems quickly and effectively.



Everyone (June 2012 - Present)
Christopher serves as the director of this legal entity he started as a vessel in which to cultivate skills and techniques. He focused primarily on linked data, visualization, and microservices.

Senior Developer
CMC Markets (July 2017 - June 2018)
As a senior developer, Christopher focused on porting the trading platform’s complex “trade splitting” functionality from Flex to JavaScript ES6. He helped the team with JavaScript application structure, refactored legacy code, and wrote react components. He also worked to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities. 

JavaScript Developer
DataGenic (December 2014 - June 2015)
Working as a JavaScript developer, Christopher completed the Data iQ commodities data discovery and analytics platform. He significantly improved performance and maintainability. He thoroughly refactored, removed JQuery dependency, and configured high-charts. He also clarified asynchronous code by using Promises and introduced Selenium WebDriver to prevent regressions. 

Head Trainer
IG (July 2012 - February 2013)
Christopher prepared a graduate program and trained the platform developers. He delivered presentations and training to the inaugural graduate intake and helped other trainers prepare their own presentations. He also inducted all new hires joining the IT Development and Production departments. 

IG (July 2008 - February 2013)
Christopher performed a variety of different tasks while in this role. He added new features to the online trading platform using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He worked extensively on the deal tickets' intricate controls for placing trades. He wrote dealing rules and order validation logic backed by unit tests. He also debugged, worked on memory leaks, and investigated malicious user activity. 


Institute of Leadership & Management 
Accredited Trainer (2012)


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, React.js