Ivan Nariño Del Castillo

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Senior Android Developer | Bogotá, Colombia

Ivan has worked on and led a variety of complex projects. His master's degree in engineering prepared him to conquer the challenges of mobile development. Ivan is able to solve problems and mitigate risk intuitively. He has worked on B2B and B2C applications, some of which had millions of installs. Ivan is committed to delivering high-quality solutions to his clients. A dedicated team member, mentor, and leader, Ivan is a valuable asset to every team with which he is involved. Ivan describes himself as genuinely passionate about his work. 


Engineering Experience: 7 Years

Expert Level Skills: Mobile Development

Education: Master's of Engineering



Senior Android Engineer
Endava (2018 - Present) 

  • Working for a US-based newspaper company that has more than 60 mobile applications. 
  • Continuously revamping the applications and adding new features such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, push alerts, and in-app feedback. 
  • Improving code quality and automation using agile methodology. 

Senior Android Engineer
Orange Business Services (2012 - 2018)

Project: Smart Building Android Application

  • Led the engineering of a product that enables indoor navigation (BLE) and provides services such as room reservations and contact director search. 
  • Responsible for technical decisions, architecture, documentation, and code quality. 
  • Mentored engineers and implemented continuous integration and delivery. 

Project: mHealth Android Application

  • Built a medical application that supported cyclists who have type one and two diabetes while they rode from Brussels to Geneva via Paris.
  • The app collected health data and tour information, both manually and automatically (BLE).

Project: Roadway Android Application

  • Built an application that helps young drivers improve their driving skills and pass their driver's license test. 
  • The application automatically collected data such as sudden braking/acceleration, max speed, average speed, and driving time. 
  • The application displayed the information in an intuitive format. 

Project: Weather Application

  • Built an Android application for Météo France. 
  • Rewrote a previously written hybrid application to a completely native application. 
  • The application was downloaded more than five million times in the Google Play Store. 

Project: Fondasol Android Tablet Application

  • Digitalized the processes of a leading geotechnical engineering company. 
  • Built an application that is now used by field teams. 
  • The application enables staff to enter measurements and processes, check data, display charts, and synchronize data on the cloud (Alfresco). 


ESILV - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci
Master of Engineering in Information Technology (2012)
Graduated with Honors.

The University of Birmingham
Computer Science & Software Engineering (2011)
Study Abroad Year.

Lycée International de Paris Honoré de Balzac
Mathematics and Computer Science (2007)


Kotlin, Java, Arrow, Rx, Picasso/Glide, In-App Purchase, JodaTime, Retrofit, Google Maps, LeakCanary, Stetho and Timber, Git-Flow, JIRA, Jenkins/TFS/AppCenter, SonarQube, Artifactory, GitLab/Bitbucket, Crashlytics, Firebase, Play Console and Slack, MockK, Mockito, JUnit, PowerMock, Espresso, Robolectric, UiAutomator