Alejandro Pérez

AP sm

Senior Android Developer | Buenos Aires, Argentina

With over eleven years of experience in mobile development, a bachelor's degree in software engineering, and a titanium certificate in application development, Alejandro is an Android engineering expert. He has engineered a wide variety of Android applications and built various engineering skills along the way. His techniques and processes are continually improving as he learns more through each project. Alejandro says that his goal is to be better day after day and to continue learning new technologies so he can meet the goals of his clients and deliver beyond what is required. 


Engineering Experience: 11 Years

Expert Level Skills: Mobile Development

Education: Bachelor's in Systems Engineering



Senior Android Engineer
Kubikware (2018 - Present) 

  • Built the Soul Cycle Android Application using the latest Android technologies. 
  • Developed native Android applications using Android SDK with Kotlin.
  • Main technologies used: MVVM, Firebase Push Notifications, Material Design, ROOM, Glide/Picasso, RxAndroid, Dagger2, Retrofit​ with Kotlin coroutines, Moshi, Timber, and Git.

Senior Mobile Application Engineer
Freelance (2011 - Present)

  • Built many different Android applications using native technologies and the latest Android versions. 
  • Frequently analyzes requirements and estimates development times. 
  • Main technologies used: Google Maps Android API, OpenStreetMap, Android Geolocation/Geofencing API's, Firebase Platform, Firebase Real-time Database, Google Cloud Messaging/Firebase Push Notifications, Android Support Design, Play Services libraries, Butterknife, Material Design, SQLite/ROOM, Glide/Picasso, Retrofit 2, RxAndroid, REST web services, Fragments with the Android support package, Background synchronization processing and networking, SVN/Git, Bluetooth connection with Smart Bands of different brands, ActivityRecognitionApi, Full process to launch new apps.

Senior Android Engineer
Nearshore Partners (2016 - 2017)

  • Served as the software engineer of a development team for a JIRA plugin project. 
  • Worked as an Android engineer for a project called Palm Fitness. 

iOS Engineer
Scale Options (2016)

  • Analyzed requirements, estimated times, and coordinated tasks. 
  • Engineered the Rhome Application using Swift. 
  • Main technologies used: Native iOS with Swift language, Calls VoIP, Chat between users, Maps with MapKit, iOS version 8 and up, Alamofire, Zendesk SDK, ZDCChat, Twilio SDK, Git, Xcode.

Lead Android Engineer
Scale Options (2014 - 2015)

  • Led the Android development team for an Android application with over one million users; communicated with clients, analyzed requirements, estimated times, coordinated tasks.
  • Built an Android application that enables users to text individual messages to a group in seconds, eliminating the need to cut and paste to send the message to multiple individuals simultaneously. TextUp Link. 
  • Main technologies used: SMS and MMS messaging, Google Analytics, Material Design, Multiple Build Variants, Android Lollipop, Fragments with the Android support package, AAR package files, Git, Gradle, Android Studio.

Android Engineer
Spark Digital (2013 - 2014) 

  • Engineered the JW Player SDK Android Project. 
  • Worked on the BellTV Android Application. BellTV Link.
  • Main technologies used: Live and On-Demand Streaming, Video Player, Flurry Analytics, REST web services, Fragments with the Android support package, AAR package files, Git, Gradle, VAST, Android Studio, Solr queries, NextPlayer library and native player, REST web services, and Background processing and networking.

Android Engineer
Intercomgi S.A. (2012 - 2013)

  • Developed a Taxi Driver Application. 
  • Main technologies used: Google Maps Android API, Android Geolocation API's, REST web services, Fragments with the Android support package, Background processing and networking, and Git.

Mobile Engineer
Q4Tech S.A. (2010 - 2012)

  • Worked with J2ME, BlackBerry, Android, and the Appcelerator Titanium Framework for Android tablets and iPads. 
  • Main technologies used: J2ME, LWUIT, Perst Lite, BlackBerry, Android SDK, and Appcelerator Titanium.

Java Engineer
Intercomgi S.A. (2008 - 2010)

  • Completed a migration to Java using Hibernate, Postgres, JIBX, HSQL, and Web Services. 
  • Developed a library for Windows and file transferring using different protocols C++.
  • Main technologies used: Java, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, C#, JIBX, XML, TCL, C++, Delphi, and SQL.

Assistant Professor
UNICEN College (2008)

  • Assisted the professor in teaching courses on the analysis and design of algorithms and databases. 


Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering (2012)


Java, Kotlin, J2SE, J2ME, C#, C/C++, TCL, Pascal/Delphi, Prolog, SQL, XML, JavaScript, Android / iOS / BlackBerry / Windows Phone 8 / ​Titanium Certified Application Developer, JPA, Hibernate, JIBX, XMPP, LWUIT, Web Services, Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, Visual Studio .NET, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, Titanium Studio, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQL, Perst Lite, SQLite