Pablo Cambre

PC Salsa

Senior Android Developer | Montevideo, Uruguay

As a mobile development expert, Pablo provides extreme value to every project he takes on. With a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, a master's degree in software engineering, and over ten years of hands-on experience, Pablo has mastered mobile development. Such an exceptional student that he was able to teach software development the same year that he graduated with his Bachelor's degree. Pablo is a machine learning enthusiast with a particular interest in machine learning algorithms and their applications. He describes himself as a team player, self-starter, and design-minded engineer. He loves dealing with hard problems using theoretical tools. 


Front-End Engineering Experience: 10 Years

Expert Level Skills: Mobile Development

Education: Master's in Software Engineering




Android Architect
Nobly POS (2018 - Present)

  • Led the formation of the Android team, engineering the project backbone, defining the architecture, and the development process.
  • Works closely with the project manager to define features.
  • Engineering the CouchbaseDB integration.

iOS Architect
Nobly POS (2018)

  • Involved in technical decision making and engineered main features.
  • Supported other team members in their software engineering tasks.
  • Improved the software development process.

Android Chapter Leader
PedidosYa (2017 - 2018)

  • Worked as an Android chapter leader following Spotify’s Squad organization scheme.
  • Guided other engineers in their solutions and defined a development process.
  • Engineered code improvements for restaurants’ online ordering systems using A / B testing.

Senior Mobile Engineer
Freelance (2016 - 2017)

  • Two main projects: iPhone taxi app and PlanVet MVP.
  • Designed and engineered PlanVet which connects vet clinics with their customers.
  • PlanVet consisted of a backend module (written in Django / Python), an iOS app (coded in Swift), and an Android app.

Mobile Engineering Professor
UTU - University of the Republic (2015)

  • Taught the “Mobile Development” course to engineering students.
  • Taught students about mobile development techniques.
  • Focused on Android SDK.

Senior Mobile Engineer
Infragistics (2013 - 2016)

  • Worked on Shareplus Android and iOS native version.
  • Engineered functionality to enable users to browse SharePoint sites, edit and add documents, manage Sharepoint items, sync Sharepoint data, and access many other features such as local and remote searches.
  • Consistently defined and estimated tasks based on Agile methodologies.

Senior Mobile Engineer
Globant (2013)

  • Maintained and enhanced Orbitz’s iOS application.
  • Worked on a remote team which was distributed across several countries (USA, Argentina, Uruguay).

Engineer and Software Consultant
Freelance (2011 - 2013)

  • Engineered an administrative site which enabled the generation of a set of CSV files based on forms that users file using Python and Django.
  • Engineered multiple mobile applications: Teledoce, LookParade, Movidicto, and Alchemy.
  • Software consultant at Doit.

Engineer and Software Analyst
Infocorp (2010 - 2011)

  • Developed mobile applications: Primera Hora, Sal.
  • Management and requirement analyst for the Magacin website.
  • Managed the architecture, design, and development of an SMS gateway prototype (modem and SMPP interface).

Java Engineer
Xionna (2009 - 2010)

  • Worked on a Java code generator.
  • Enabled concurrent work using a model.
  • Engineered an output that is a set of JSP, JSF, and GWT files (UI interfaces are included).

Math Professor
PIEMCE Institute (2008 - 2012)

  • Taught algebra and calculus.


CPAP - University of the Republic
Master’s in Software Engineering (2018)

University of the Republic
Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering (2015)
Degree thesis was about “multiple pattern matching algorithms using DNA sequences.”


Jenkins, Kotlin, Coroutines, CouchbaseDB, Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java, Mobile development, Agile methodologies