Shuo Chen

Front-End Web Developer | Vancouver, Canada

With over six years of front-end engineering experience and a bachelor's degree in computer science, Shuo is a highly regarded senior level front-end engineer with expertise in JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and ActionScript. Throughout his career, Shuo has worked on several complex projects and utilized various different technologies. Passionate about delivering high-quality solutions to clients and always ready to step-up, Shuo thrives under pressure and is a real team player.


Front-End Engineering Experience: 6 Years

Expert Level Skills: JavaScript

Education: B.S. in Computer Science

Percentage of time coding: 80%



Senior Web Engineer
Aequilibrium Software Inc. (August 2017 - Present) 
Freelance work engineering a real-time chat for an investigation at New York University (NYU).

  • Engineering front-end logic using React, Redux, and Angular(2.0). 
  • Engineering back-end logic using Java, Hibernate and AWS Lambda.
  • Using MySql for the database and Sass for the style.

Freelance Web Engineer
Self-Employed (November 2013 - Present)

  • Engineer front-end logic using React, Redux, and Angular(1.0 and 2.0).
  • Engineer back-end logic using Java and Node.js.
  • Utilize MySql and Cassandra for the databases and use LESS and Sass for styles.

Senior Full Stack Web Engineer
Istuary Innovation Group (August 2016 - August 2017)

  • Engineered front-end logic using AngularJS(1.5) for Phase1, and Angular(4.0) for Phase2.
  • Used bootstrap for UI templates, LESS for the style, Gulp to build script, Cassandra as the Database, and Nginx to host the web server.
  • Engineered back-end logic using Node.js(ES6).

Software Engineer
Simba Technology (June 2015 - July 2016)

  • Engineered high-performance data source drivers using Java, C#, and C++.
  • Built back-end logic to handle different data sources, including writing template tables, stored procedures, etc.
  • Performed test driven development using JUnit.

Full Stack Engineer
Electronic Arts, on Behalf of TEKsystems - Contractor (April 2014 - June 2015)
Engineered a platform for tracing wood harvesting. Key platform features included:

  • Generating automatic payments for every company/service provider involved.
  • Sending and receiving data from POS devices and other platforms of clients and providers through APIs.
  • Generating alerts under special circumstances of the business logic.

Data Analyst
AeroInfo System, Boeing Canada (March 2013 - March 2014)

  • Implemented and designed new features for tools utilizing Java and Perl.
  • Worked on processing and troubleshooting the current system under Linux System.
  • Gathered and verified data through various formats such as CSV and XML.

Software Engineer
Ensemble System (June 2012 - February 2013)

  • Implemented and maintained a web-based application using ActionScript and JavaScript.
  • Performed object-oriented programming and using the MVC pattern.
  • Built UI from mockups and created the model from a data dictionary.


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
B.S. in Computer Science (2012)


JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, ActionScript, AngularJS, React.js, Node.js