Ruslan Bredikhin

RB - Salsa

Senior Software Engineer - Elixir | Montreal, Canada

With over a decade of software engineering experience, a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and informatics, and a master's degree in applied mathematics and informatics, Ruslan is an exceptional senior full-stack engineer. While working on remote teams for the last five years, Ruslan discovered his unique ability to thrive in remote environments. Ruslan has been passionately studying Elixir in his free time for the past several years, attending Elixir conferences and blogging about his learning. He's eager to find an opportunity where he can apply his knowledge to production. When asked about a project he was proud of, Ruslan replied, "I'm usually proud of all the work I'm doing."


Engineering Experience: 10 Years

Remote Work Experience: 5 Years

Expert Level Skills: Node.js, Express, React, Redux

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Senior Software Engineer
Estalio Consulting Inc. (July 2014 - Present)

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining the distributed Web and IoT solutions.
  • Working on various types of projects, including asset management, e-commerce, and real-time communication.
  • Working remotely with teams whose members are located all over the world.

Senior Web Engineer and M2M Platform Architect
Innobec Technologies Inc. (October 2013 - July 2014)

  • Architected and developed a real-time locating system written in Node.js with MongoDB as the main storage engine.
  • Designed and implemented an RFID gateway software which ran pluggable modules for various RFID reader manufacturers.
  • Performed the original implementation of the OAuth 2.0 security layer on top of the MQTT protocol.

Lead Engineer
Atallah Group Inc. (March 2012 - October 2013)

  • Provided guidance and support to the development team, coordinated the members' assignments, organized code reviews, and coached the team on the new development tools and practices. 
  • Designed and managed the multistage deployment process (Capistrano, Ruby, Rackspace Cloud) for the company's web applications (PHP / MySQL).
  • Migrated the company servers to Rackspace Cloud and monitored the system. 

Senior Web Engineer
Atallah Group Inc. (October 2010 - March 2012)

  • Created and launched a flash sale site with CMS and CRM in less than two months with a team of three junior developers using PHP, CodeIgniter, and Kohana. 
  • Administered the company's servers which were Linux and the databases which were MySQL.
  • Managed the deployment using Ruby and Capistrano and monitored using Rackspace and NewRelic.

Web Engineer
Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (May 2009 - September 2010)

  • Performed the original design and implementation of the company's CMS / CRM based on Zend Framework.
  • Created promotional websites which included informational pages, sales representatives sections, and administrative sections.
  • Developed a bilingual version of the main site and the online shop of the company based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.


Moscow Power Engineering University
Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (2002)

Moscow Power Engineering University
Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (2000)


Node.js, Elixir, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Goland, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, React.js, Redux, GraphQL, TypeScript, CSS, Linux Shell, Git, Vim, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS