Carlos Pereira

Carols - Salsa

Front End Engineer | San José, Costa Rica

Matias has spent the last few years fully building cloud platforms. These platforms interact through APIs with others and through web interfaces with the end user. Angular.js and Material Design (for admin GUIs) have become part of his essentials for building complex and responsive web interfaces. He has heavily used other tools, such as D3.js and Charts.js, for visualization purposes. On the server side, he has experience with the CodeIgniter Framework, MySQL, Linode, Node.js, Rails, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Firebase. He has developed Android and iOS mobile applications as part of these platforms, making web applications that interact through the Javascript API and native Java ones.


DXC Technology
Web Developer

Logical Data
Web Developer

Software Engineer



Web Developer
DXC Technology (September 2018 - Present)
His work focuses on the front-end React and Redux user profile page and the comments-reviews section.

Web Developer
Logical Data (April 2016 - September 2018)
Carlos worked as a front end developer using technologies and tools such as C#, jQuery, MVC, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, JSON, React (based on eCommerce functionality). He also worked on back-end development in Visual Basic. He was in charge of four sites and contributed to three other sites. Those sites include methodologies such as sales, promotions, CRM, and security.

Senior Engineer
SOIN (December 2015 -April 2016)
Carlos worked as part of the Application Integration Architecture Team.

Web Developer (apprentice)
Mobilize.Net (August 2015 - December 2015)
Carlos worked as a web developer apprentice. He was in charge of building a website in order to upload an assembly and divided into its different elements for a mitigation process. 


Universidad de Costa Rica
Bachelor's Degree, Information Technology (2007-2015)
Through major, Carlos developed his analytical and problem-solving skills. It covered several programming languages and some of the latest trends in the software industry. The major also offered some business administration courses which provided Carlos with a broad knowledge of the software-development market.

Universidad de Costa Rica
Bachelor's Degree, English Language and Literature (2007 - 2014)


C#, .Net, Razor Engine, MVC, jQuery, Java Script, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap 3, Web Services, Transact-SQL, React, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, React-Redux, MERN, Node.js, Express, Mongo, Mongoose