Carlos Mora


Lead Frontend Developer | San José, Costa Rica

Carlos has 7 years of experience working on a plethora of technologies and frameworks. He is fluent in both frontend and backend development. Currently, he is working with interactive experiences and games. 


Responsible for the implementation of the frontend based on the design that design team came up with, as well as, the design and implementation of the database and backend for an online video game.



Senior Creative Engineer
TreeInteractive (May 2018 - Present

  • Perform interactive web development using frameworks and tools for web development as platforms for multimedia development, including game development
  • Use JavaScript based graphics engines for 3D rendering on the browser
  • Lead the development of the backend for the projects, as well as some frontend

Senior Software Engineer
Fiserv (March 2017 - May 2018)

  • Led projects to install, configure, customize, upgrade, support, and troubleshoot all technical issues related to the internet banking solution in a client or Fiserv data center environment
  • Worked directly with clients to understand business needs, to define requirements, to quote projects, and to build and implement the proposed solutions
  • Worked directly with third-party vendors to define technical requirements and implement solutions to interface with various external systems
  • Performed hands-on development and resolution of all technical issues within an on-premise and hosted client environment

Senior Software Engineer 
Prodigious LATAM (February 2014 - March 2017)
Hired to perform maintenance on the backend and frontend of several sites for different accounts working with the onshore and offshore teams. Was a part of improving the development processes.


  • PlayStation VUE Rebrand Campaign
    Designed and implemented the architecture for the frontend of the new site on which creative engineers would work
  • OLA Channel Dynamic
    Read data from different XMLs served by a web service and
    transformed the data to insert it into a database, which then was accessed by a web API application consumed by targeted Google ads.
  • Unicorn Fighter
    Worked on the development of an arcade-inspired 2D
    fighting video game

Software Developer
Software & Consulting Group (March 2012 - February 2014)
In Charge of the development and maintenance of different projects from websites to desktop applications and web services.

Desktop Applications
PymeSoft BAC Host to Host

  • Developed an add-on for SAP Business One that allows a company to create the payment of a provider that has pending payments and send it to the bank for it to be processed

Web Services:

  • Developed web service that allows the flow of information between SAP Business One and a third-party application
  • Used for sales through the website and synchronizes the data that is done on route sales


Universidad Internacional de las Américas
Bachelor in Software Engineering (May 2012 - Present)

Don Bosco Technical High School
(2006 - 2011)
Middle Technician in Software Development

  • Bachelor in Diversified Secondary Education
  • Basic General Education

Technical Skills

.Net Framework (3.5 - 4.8 & Core), MVC.Net, WebApi .Net, WebForms, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Less, Sass, JS, JQuery, Webpack, gulp, TypeScript, Agile, SQL Server, MySQL, Git, Subversion.


Worked on a team to selling enhancements in the shape of add-ons to SAP. These add-ons or plugins would provide extra functionalities that would depend on the need of each client. For example, a car dealership would need something to keep track of the maintenance checks of each car they have sold. Alongside the marketing team, he was part of several meetings with the client to gather requirements and translate them into a new feature to add to the application as part of the final sale.


Carlos approaches engineering with an eye out for constant improvement. For example, at Prodigious LATAM, he worked with the  Software Architect on his team to create a plan of action to modernize and improve their development cycle. They started by researching automation tools for web development that would help when creating pages for a CMS that wasn't implemented properly (they were creating pages instead of templates). Their changes reduced development time by 65% giving them a chance to tackle more items per sprint.