David Hernández Rodríguez

David Hernandez Rodriguez

Data Science Engineer | Costa Rica

A native Spanish speaker, David also speaks English and Japanese. He has a diverse background, with formal educations in electrical engineering, business, and psychology. 


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Product Engineer



Product Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (August 2014 - Present)

During his four years (ongoing) at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, David has collected an array of responsibilities. He provides technical support for the internal releases of OEMODM product designs and ensures that the company's product testing requirements are met. An expert at the company, David serves as a point of contact for internal partners. He provides sustaining HW engineering support across the lifecycle of products, including guiding and validating product bill of material changes, component qualifications, firmware qualifications, and firmware changes. David communicates with OEM suppliers about technical issues and ensures that OEM/ODM product change notices do not negatively impact HPE solutions and products.


Universidad de Barcelona
Master's in Business Intelligence (2018-Present)

Universidad de Barcelona's business master's program prepares students for positions of responsibility in a company by enhancing their managerial skills and knowledge of business. The program helps students build a strong network of professionals via workshops, talks, and activities.

Universidad Latina
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Electrical Engineering

Universidad Latina provides its students with comprehensive training for the designing and analysis of modern electronic technologies. It provides its students with the tools they need to resolve problems they see in their society.

Universidad de Iberoamérica
Licentiate Degree in Psychology (2008-2012)

Universidad de Iberoamérica is a leader in psychology education in Costa Rica. With a focus on teamwork between professionals of different fields, the program provides students with the tools needed to prevent mental health crises and promote general mental wellness.


C, C++, Customer Service, Linux, Public Speaking, Python, R, SQL, SAS, Windows