Edgar Galván


Senior Android Developer | Monterrey, Mexico

Edgar is the real deal. He has delivered tech solutions for companies such as Home Depot, DirecTV, and Alcon Labs and has developed apps in a wide range of industries and fields: from laundromats to healthcare to music to food. A prolific and active member of the geek community, he has served as a speaker, mentor, and organizer at or of events such as Google Developer Group Monterrey, DevFest, and DroidCon.


Tried and True: Experience delivering technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Mexico

Android Expertise: 4+ years in Android development

App track record: 7+ years of experience building enterprise applications



Android Developer
Indautosoft (May 2019 - present) 

  • consult on Android mobile apps for Oxxo distribution center (Kotlin, MVP, Zebra wearable devices)

Android Developer
Dialectik (December 2016 - May 2019)

  • develop Ribeit Android shopping app (Volley library, Material Design principles, Firebase, Dialogflow, Camera, Exoplayer. Migrating to Kotlin, Architecture Components, and Retrofit 2)

TecMilenio (August 2017 - present) 

  • Teach courses in Android app development, iOS app development, and mobile app projects

Team Lead for Mobile and Web Development / Android Developer
FEMSA Comercio (April 2015 - December 2016) 

  • lead initiative to develop the company's mobile enterprise strategy
  • code proofs of concept for defined architectures on:
    Encuestas Construcción: a survey app using custom views, GPS, Android Volley
    CECON (Control Center): an app for monitoring employee travel, using Google Maps API, Android Volley, Material Design principles
  • review code and improve outsourced projects:
    Smartphone vs Handheld: a survey app for the maintenance department, distributed on the enterprise using an MDM (Butterknife, Android Volley, Citrix)
    Adopta una Tienda: a survey app (PHP, MySQL, Materialize)

Android App Developer (contractor)
DirecTV, Denver, Colorado (April 2014 - April 2015) 

  • part of mobile enhancement project for company's main app
  • Worked on Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) to track user activity within app to deliver BI team data
  • improve new functionalities, especially the video player
  • resolved bugs (Jira)

Technical Analyst
Kalypso Innovation Consulting Firm (October 2012 - February 2014) 

For Home Depot (Atlanta, Georgia)

  • mock-up an internal Android app for tracking inventory per store/area (This app was used by the internal sales staff for procurement and tracking of inter-store shipments.); create compound views, custom views to implement most generic reusable UI component
  • use PTC Windchill and PTC Flex PLM to implement customization for workflows; use JSP to customize the views; install the system in a UNIX environment; install Oracle in the same environment

For Alcon Labs (Atlanta, Georgia)

  • mock-up an internal Android app for tracking inventory per store/area (This app was used by the internal sales staff for procurement and tracking of inter-store shipments.)
  • create compound views, custom views to implement most generic reusable UI component
  • match the technology requirements to the client’s business processes; analyze their work processes to fit them into the system, using Java customization

Due to the major successes with the project in the Atlanta office, was rehired to implement a similar Java system in the Ft. Worth location.

Oracle Middleware Consultant
enlTma Consulting (December 2010 - October 2012) 

For Axtel (Monterrey, Mexico)

  • implement a Google Maps API for Web and mobile; implement MVC design to develop portals within Java, using Oracle WebCenter; add framework to register a listener to list geolocation (KML files)
  • implement a hotspot portal allowing users to access the "Xtreme network" via wifi
  • build web services to authorize customer’s validation login; provide payment option for non-users, guest option for 15 minutes of complimentary use
  • collaborate with Aptilo Networks, based in Texas, on hardware requirements
  • implement effective database design to store asset/inventory record in a relational database, using Oracle Database 11g

For ING (Mexico City)

  • provide solution for a LDAP bug in the client’s Oracle Universal Content Management

For Oxxo (Monterrey)

  • present functional demo of Oracle Information Rights Management to marketing and legal department, securing a per user licensing agreement per user (7K users)


PHP Web Developer
 E-Sourcing Mexico (September 2009 - December 2010) 

  • improve functionality for electronic reverse auction software
  • implement database design on MySQL
  • implement server side code to read databases and return response to client using AJAX
  • contribute to UI component design/implementation using JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • implement RESTful interface to process the backed logic based on the input received from client and return JSON response
  • impose client-side input validation logic


Metalsa Beacon Scanner

  • develop an Android app that scans beacons in order to keep track of inventory (Those beacons and the app are connected to an IoT platform that generates a process once a beacon is found.)


  • develop an Android keyboard app that changes any vowel to the letter i (It was a trend in Mexico to talk/write like this: Hola => Hili.)


  • develop an Android app to count taps (to test backend for DoS)

BPMusic (Winner at Google Boulder DevFestCo Hackathon 2014)
FEMSA Comercio (April 2015 - December 2016) 

  • develop an app to scan the BPM in your heart and open a song in your phone  


  • develop an Android app to find food trucks, using Android Volley and Google Maps API


  • develop an Android app to read QR barcodes, using Xzing library and Webviews to display the content of the URL


  • develop a system to manage clients, therapies, appointments, and inventory, using PHP, Javascript for functionality, CSS, and HTML


Turopa MX

  • develop and launch a system for laundromats to manage orders and deliveries, using PHP, Javascript for functionality, CSS, and HTML. (Customers could order from the site and the laundromat will receive the order and process the pickup/delivery of the order.)


Education & certifications

University of Monterrey, Mexico
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology (2011)

ITIL v3 Certification, 2010
DB2 9: Associate Developer, 2010

Other geek stuff

Organizer GDG Monterrey
Speaker at DevFest Cancun 2018. WorkManager slides, Firebase ML Kit - Face Detection slides
LinceHacks Mentor 2018 (Celaya, Mexico)
Guanahacks Mentor 2018 (Guanajuato, Mexico)
Attended Google IO 2018
Attended Google IO 2017
Speaker at Droidcon Santo Domingo 2017. Android Things slides
Speaker at D4D (Droid for Droids), Lima, Peru. 2017. Complete Activity Lifecycle slides
Speaker at DevFest Lima 2017. Android Accessibility slides
Attended Google IO 2016
Attended Big Android BBQ 2016


Spanish and English

Languages: Java, Android SDK, PHP, JavaScript
Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Oracle 11g
HTTP/Web Servers: Weblogic, Tomcat, Apache
Change Management Tools: SVN, GitHub