Gerardo Poblano Hernández


Senior QA Engineer | Ciudad López Mateos, Mexico

Gerardo stands out as an extremely skilled and highly educated Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience. His primary focus has been on Quality Assurance for the past 9 years. As a QA professional, his goal is to implement the best practices of QA into the internal processes of software projects by supporting and integrating specialized tools for test automation. Gerardo is constantly striving for improvement in the process, and guides his work by the philosophy of always having respect for the business objectives and scope of the organization.

A fluent English speaker, Gerardo makes a strong addition to any international and distributed team. In addition to his demonstrated excellence as a QA engineer, Gerardo notes his main strengths lie in testing, scrum, exploration, planning, and management. In his spare time, Gerardo loves to play video games, watch movies, and support his favorite soccer team.


QA Project Manager

Segundamano Mexico
QA Specialist

Automated Tester Analyst



QA Project Manager 
Infosys (April 2018 - November 2018)
As QA Project Manager at Infosys, Gerardo held many responsibilities, including:

  • Coordinated all of the testing and estimation efforts for internal projects of API factory (functional and performance)
  • Participated in meetings to define the testing approaches of the UAT testing
  • Managed financial resources (estimations) for projects at a high level.
  • Defined new strategies and support for API projects using SoapUI.
  • Coordinated offshore (India) employees for API automation activities using a framework and an internal tool.
  • Worked on Agile and Waterfall projects.
  • Analyzed functional factors (docs, reqs, meetings,etc) in a clear and understandable way to determine the calculations of testing estimations and projects.

QA Specialist
Segundamano Mexico (April 2015 - August 2016)
Gerardo's role as QA Specialist saw him fulfilling duties such as:

  • Agile Tester.
  • Mobile Tester (Android /iOS).
  • Automation Tester using Postman, Restlet solutions, and Selenium IDE.
  • Used Newman as a solution to continue delivery strategy to automate all the requests of the different endpoints (services) of the platform.
  • Collaborated during deploys of DEV/QA/PROD environments (GoCD, Saltstack, Linux, etc).
  • Collaborated on code reviews, tests and integration of new code into a dev/master branch in a GIT environment.
  • Performed functional testing, white box testing, integration testing, component testing, system testing, regression testing, performance testing, cross-browser testing, responsive testing, and API testing.
  • Used Jira tool to control, track, and follow, of activities during the sprint.
  • Used Confluence as a documental base of the processes and activities of agile work.

Automation Tester Analyst
Walmart (July 2013 - February 2015)
Gerardo participated in all activities of testing, providing continuity and maintaining a high performance within the process of QA Banco Walmart during his time as Tester. Some of his responsibilities included:

  • Helped the release and delivery of projects according to with the scheduling and specifications.
  • Met the objectives of the projects and area he worked in conjunction with the test leader to create proposals for the solution and properly planning the QA process flow.
  • Worked as the test lead in almost all Bank projects under the supervision of the current internal leader of the QA.
  • Tested automation using Microfocus-TestPartner (Administration, Debugging, Maintenance, and Enforcement).
  • Prepared and set automated testing using test scripts that are part of the internal automation framework.
  • Generated of all Testware (Testing Matrix, analysis, and review of the requirement, test evidence, etc..) according to the internal quality process.
  • Monitored, published, and generated accounting reports for the business area in UNIX environment.
  • Prepared all preconditions and environment data to the testing of sending and receiving SPEI.
  • Monitored tests through the use of the authorizer and requests from Profile or Core banking.
  • Participated in projects for fraud prevention AFACS (Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Strategy), eBanking, PROSA, and partial and complete regressions of different projects.
  • Participated in banking processes that dealt with orders and accounts of different products (Debit, Payroll, Checking, Savings, Credit), CECOBAN, Clients Individuals and Corp.

Tester Analyst
Banamex/Nasoft/Adecco (August 2012 - July 2013)
Gerardo participated in the ECS+ project within the telemarketing branch of Banamex. His main responsibility lay within technical support to correctly execute testing and generate of artifacts as a result of the execution. In addition, Gerardo accomplished:

  • Execution of test scripts in different applications of UAT environment.
  • Analysis and planning of the correct strategy to use during execution, thus defining the
    preconditions and inputs to perform tests.
  • Providing adequate information for the proper tracking of ITO and Infrastructure team to test
    each of the defects found during execution.
  • Registering activities of test execution using HP Quality Center for the testing process
    implementation and management it.
  • Analysis, review, and generation of documentation for business area and provide support
    in the early stages of the testing process.
  • Support for the generation metrics and the concentration for measuring progress in

Tester Analyst
Banco Walmart/Vantis (December 2011 - August 2012)
During this project, Gerardo's activities were focused on supporting, monitoring and executing automated functional testing. He primarily developed test scripts with the Microfocus Test Partner tool. Some of his major accomplishments were:

  • Automation of business processes of "Búsqueda de Personas Físicas", "Compras Crediformato" and a utility program that randomizes the data to use in generating the INSERT in the tables that are occupied by the scripts.
  • Development of utility test scripts for generating data as input for other processes.
  • Adapting and updating the code of test scripts to specific needs according to business requirement requested.
  • Preparing the environment or data pool used in the tests and test scripts, functional preconditions and business rules before implementation to re-test and regression-test.
  • Execution of all functional tests proposed in the regression matrix and evaluation of PDTELLER
    and WEBCSR systems.

Advanced Tester
Banamex Accival/Adecco (June 2011 - July 2011)
During Gerardo's participation in this project, he had the responsibility to propose procedures and best practices for test automation projects with HP Quality Center and HP QTP in performance testing with HP LoadRunner. The most important activities during his time were:

  • Participation in the planning of time, strategy and activities to be executed in order to implement an automation framework with HP QTP in Banamex Accival.
  • Participation in various courses of induction training for process and quality practices in
    the internal QA&Testing area of Accival Banamex.
  • Perform feasibility studies on different internal business applications for his automation with HP QTP.
  • Evaluation of the HP QTP tool for the automation of applications designed in FLEX.
  • Testing, Installing and Configuration for the QTP FLEX ADD-IN.

Lead Test Analyst
HP/Nextel/Randstad (January 2011 - May 2011)
As the Lead Test Analyst on this project, Gerardo's responsibilities focused on the timely monitoring of all activities of testing according to the overall work plan; establishing best practices methodology based on the existing plan for HP; planning, designing and proposing the best strategy for business continuity; and communicating and establishing the necessary agreements with the business areas of NEXTEL and his testing team for this task. His activities can be further elaborated on as:

  • Direct participation in internal projects for NEXTEL - IVR and 3GR0.
  • Administration of testing process with HP Quality Center.
  • Monitoring of execution UAT testing, as well as the register of defects found and their resolution with the development area.
  • Generation of test artifacts and deliverables for the program.

QA Tester
PROCESAR (November 2010 - December 2010)
In this role, Gerardo was required to possess a business level knowledge of the operations of the Mexican Pension System. He had to understand the interaction of each one of the entities (AFORES, CONSAR, INFONAVIT, IMSS, TRABAJADOR, etc.) that integrate the operative business processes in PROCESAR. Gerardo provided technical support in UNIX testing execution, thus assuming the responsibility for new software requirements and improvements or maintenances existing. In addition, he completed internal training in the following courses:

  • Risk Management
  • Infonavit credits
  • Dispersion
  • Induction – Welcome to PROCESAR
  • Interpretation of Standard ISO 9001:2000
  • Quality Induction: Standard ISO 9000
  • Introduction to the pension system
  • New process of SIRI collection
  • Collections
  • Afores registration workers
  • Not affiliated registration workers
  • Retirement
  • System security
  • Accounting separation
  • Transference of SIEFORES
  • Afore-Afore Transfer Internet
  • Afore-Afore Transfer
  • SAR 92 Transfer

Information Analyst
Randstad/HP/SAT (January 2010 - August 2010)
Gerardo participated in several internal projects by integrating into the process and supporting the activities of analysis, planning, and implementation of tests through experience and business knowledge using tools for automation and test process management with HP Quality Center. Additional responsibilities included:

  • Analysis and review of testware using Case/UML and internal business documentation.
  • Management and tracking of the testing process through HP Quality Center tool.
  • Testing execution with clients or business areas using SOAP protocol and communication through XML/Web Services.
  • Testing and tracking defects with HP Quality Center Tool.

Micro Business Entrepreneur 
Self-Employed (July 2009 - December 2009)
Gerardo operated as the manager and chief in charge of all aspects related to the entry and exit of a microenterprise. He developed strategic market planning, built a relationship with suppliers, made decisions according to the needs, circumstances, and priorities of the microenterprise, and taught training courses.

Senior QA Tester 
Praxis/IXE (May 2009 - June 2009)
Gerardo was responsible for leading the planning and management activities of automation projects with Compuware's suite of solutions. He participated in meetings to define strategies to follow in the automation of tests based on the size, priority and business complexity, as well as quality practices to these systems. When necessary, he made decisions based on the assessment of potential risks and impact on the implementation of these activities and the scope of the tools. Gerardo also completed training in the use of OptimalTrace and TestPartner.

Senior QA Tester
Infotec/CNSF (January 2009 - February 2009)
During this project, Gerardo's activities were related to the monitoring and compliance of requirements in IBM Rational ClearQuest through the analysis, design, and execution of manual tests, reporting, and updating of defects within the tool. Also, his responsibility was to explain the benefits and scope of the use of automation tools like IBM Rational Robot for internal quality processes. To achieve this objective it was necessary for recording scripts and implementing small tests for the demonstration, integration, and possible automation of various critical business processes.

HP Mercury Technical Lead
Vedior/EDS/SAT (March 2008 - August 2008)
Gerardo participated in several internal projects for SAT, taking decisions and leadership activities in BTO initiatives (Business Technology Optimization) with HP Mercury products (QuickTest Professional, Load Runner, Quality Center, and SiteScope) for automation, monitoring, and management testing. This enabled permeability on technical knowledge and best practices for the business and IT processes. As the core of my activities to achieve this objective it was necessary to plan, manage, and effectively monitor each project.

Tester Engineer
Softtek/Bancomer (September 2007 - February 2008)
As a Software Tester Engineer, Gerardo was responsible for several internal projects in the area of quality assurance at Bancomer Insurance. He planned and executed manual tests to process different project initiatives. He also generated the documentation associated with the monitoring and control of defects in tested applications and participated in meetings to learn about the progress and the definition of strategies to follow.

Senior Technical Consultant 
GlobalNet Solutions (February 2006 - July 2007)
Gerardo's main functions included the participation as a partner and consultant specializing in HP Mercury tools for numerous projects within various sectors in the IT industry. This role gave him the experience and knowledge necessary to cope in situations that need the ability to negotiate each one of technical aspects that influence the development and completion of each.


Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet
Master of Director of Digital Companies (2015 - 2016)
Gerardo graduated this online Masters program with the ability to be a director of digital companies. 

Facultad de Estudios Superiores Aragón
B.S. Systems Engineering (September 2001 - May 2005)
Gerardo graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering.

UNAM Acatlán Faculty of Higher Studies
Certificate of Proficiency in English (2014 - 2016)
This certificate verified his possession of the English language. 

Technical Skills

APACHE, Borland Star Team, C/C++, HP LoadRunner 8x, HP Quality Center 8x/9x, HP QuickTest Profesional 8x/9x,  HP SiteScope 8x/9x, IBM Clear Quest, IBM Rational Robot, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Oracle, PHP, Perl, Serena PVCS Version Manager, Shell Scripting, UNIX/Linux, Visual Basic, and Visual Source Safe.