Santiago Cirillo

Sc sm

Senior Android Developer | Montevideo, Uruguay

With over seven years of Android engineering experience, an IT Analyst degree, and a Programmer Analyst degree, Santiago is a skilled Android Engineer. He has worked on various types of projects which have helped him build a wide variety of useful skills that help him excel. Santiago has worked on back-end, front-end, and mobile development which helps him overcome challenging projects. His passion for mobile development has driven his specialization in mobile development over the years. Santiago considers himself a hardworking, proactive, and orderly engineer who is always open to learning new technologies and working with teams. 


Engineering Experience: 7 Years

Expert Level Skills: Mobile Development

Education: IT Analyst & Programmer Analyst




Senior Android Engineer & Android Technical Lead
Altimetrik (January 2018 - Present) 

  • Managing communications with the customer team for implementation decisions. 
  • Working with the backend team to coordinate product functionality.
  • Defining software architecture, publishing applications in the PlayStore, training junior engineers. 

Senior Mobile Engineer
Rootstrap (June 2017 - Present) 

  • Defined the scope and project estimations. 
  • Worked on Android Native application development. 

Senior Android Engineer
GoDoWorks  (December 2016 - June 2017)

  • Focused on identification and bug tracking in Android Native.
  • Completed implementation of GCM. 
  • Organized and assigned development and testing tasks.

Android Engineer
Globant (June 2014 - December 2016)

  • Constantly communicated with the customer team. 
  • Focused on Android Native app development for various projects. 
  • Used technologies such as C#, SQL Server, and TDD with Roboelectric and Mockito.

Software Engineer
Interactive Networks Inc. (September 2012 - June 2014)

  • Engineered Facebook, Twitter, and Google Cloud Messaging integrations.
  • Implemented responsive design using Bootstrap. 
  • Focused on Android Native app development. 


ORT University (Montevideo, Uruguay)
IT Analyst

ORT University (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Programmer Analyst


Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, Swift 4, Retrofit, Alamofire, Realm, Flutter, Material Design, Roboelectric, Espresso, TDD, XML, C#, ASP.NET, CSS3, PHP, SQL Server, Javascript, Subversion(SVN), GIT, Scrum,  MySQL, Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, SQL Server, JIRA, Bitbucket, Postman, HockeyApp, Pivotal tracker, Putty, Aptana, Jenkins, Phpmyadmin, Flurry, Trello, Assembla, Firebase, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager