Iñigo Flores


Senior / Lead Android Developer | Mexico City, Mexico

Iñigo is a senior Android engineer with 8 years of experience working on diverse mobile and web apps projects in all stages of development, drawing upon a strong foundational knowledge of Android’s components, its framework and the Android Linux Kernel.

Iñigo values teamwork and wants to lead innovative teams. Iñigo is a hands on leader and enjoys mentoring and providing oversight to team members. Iñigo also loves coding. Iñigo prides himself in developing solutions with high rates of adaptability for native Android with Java and Kotlin and also cross platform applications with Flutter and Xamarin.


Flinto : Your wallet on your cell phone. Flinto allows you to send money to your friends, pay for business and top up services, and pay businesses from your phone, free, easy and safe.

Flinto for Business : Flinto for Business lets your customers pay you through your phone using the Flinto app. 

Santander Mobil : Santander México offers the Digital Banking service to its clients. 



Senior Mobile Engineer
Flint International Inc (www.flinto.me) (June 2018 - March 2019)
Iñigo joined a Y Combinator startup, Flint, which focuses on building a Wallet and Payments system between people and business in Latin America. Flint raised 1.4 Million USD in a seed program inside Y Combinator at beginning of 2018.

Android Lead
SANTANDER MÓVIL Bank (June 2016 - Present)
As the technical leader Iñigo collaborated on the development, implementation and maintenance of the suite of Santander banking mobile applications for the Android platform. Santander is one of the largest banks in Mexico. His team was responsible for the Santander mobile and Super Wallet development which included integration of new functionalities such as bank loans, software Token, Santander’s Plus Rewards Program, facelift, etc. To implement this application the team used Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, JSON, SQLite, Material Design, Retrofit, RxJava, Firebase, MVP Architecture, Gemalto, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and React-Js.

Senior Mobile Engineer 
Ironbit (July 2012 - June 2016)
Iñigo collaborated with diverse clients in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of various mobile applications with functionalities tailored to each client necessities such as sales catalogs, purchases, reservations, internet radio, streaming and notifications for Televisa Deportes, Ticketmaster, Radio Stations, News Channel’s, Restaurant’s. Some specific projects included

  • Claroshop for Android : Iñigo worked on the business analysis, workflows, architecture and development of the e-Commerce functionality.
  • Carrot :  An Android application for rental cars. This included integration of geo localization services with Google Maps API and use of a third-party payment engine.
  • Development of an augmented reality Android Platform, Viur, which works as a Marketplace allowing brands to publish interactive content of their products in catalogs, The team used Android Studio, Java, OpenGL ES, C++, Unity3D and Maya.


Universidad Panamericana de México
Software and Digital Animation Engineering (2013-2018)

Technical Skills

Android, Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Xamarin, Firebase, React Native, ReactJs, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, C++, C#, Unity 3D, Python, Auth0, Gemalto, SQL, SQLite