Javier Marsicano


Senior Android Developer | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Javier has extensive software engineering and leadership experience in both academic institutions and corporations. He has worked on apps, still in use, for prestigious clients such as BBVA and Disney. A natural leader, Javier has taught as assistant professor on IT topics such as Algorithms, Programming Fundamentals 101, and Introduction to Systems Architecture; has built large teams of Android developers; and even serves as team lead on volunteer humanitarian work.


Proactive and Innovative: Javier foresees and works to meet anticipated client and user needs.

Ample Android Expertise: He knows his APIs and third-party frameworks and libraries.

Natural Leader: He's a proven teacher and a team-builder.



Android Architect
Simplex Software: Appetize (2018 - present) 

  • solve complex technical issues and execute hot fixes
  • interview and build team of 10+ developers
  • implement a complete continuous delivery pipeline for several products, using Bitrise
  • collaborate with multidisciplinary teams - quality assurance, product owners, visual designers, project managers, iOS and backend (web services) development teams, other technical leaders, and up to 20 FTE Android developers

Technologies: RxKotlin, Architecture Components, Fastlane, Leak Canary, Robolectric, among others

Android Tech Leader
Globant: Openbank Santander (2017 - 2018)

  • manage, schedule, and follow-up on tasks assigned to the Android development team (4 FTE) including release and configuration management
  • solve complex technical problems and execute hot fixes
  • refactor the architecture and adapt web services API changes
  • participate in negotiation and planning meetings with client and other stakeholders
  • collaborate with multidisciplinary teams 

Technologies: Jira, Gitlab, HockeyApp, Invision, Zeplin, Retrofit, Dagger, Event Bus, among others

Android Developer
Globant: ODIGEO eDreams (2016 - 2017) 

  • implement new UI components and modify existing ones
  • integrate new technologies, such as Google Sign In and Stetho (debugging bridge)
  • research and develop a test automation subsystem to integrate functional instrumented tests and unit tests with continuous delivery and BDD
  • research and innovate, share results via workshops
  • work with up to 14 FTE co-workers in multidisciplinary PODs

Technologies: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Mercurial, Charles, Postman, Stetho, JUnit, Espresso, Gherkin parsing, Crashlytics

Android Developer
Globant: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online / Disneyland Paris (2015 - 2016) 

  • create mobile app that guides park’s guests through attractions, restaurants, tours, shops, etc., providing real-time information with a high-end user experience interface, and developed with an architecture designed to allow high reusability

Technologies: Git, Android Studio, SQLite, GitHub, Jenkins, Jira, Postman, Picasso, Guava, among others

Android Developer
Globant: BBVA (2014 - 2015) 

  • develop a mobile app similar to Google Maps but specific to BBVA complexes and buildings, showing rooms, parking, printers, etc.
  • develop a mobile client app that communicates with a mobile API server and shows parking places and various bookings

Technologies: Android Studio, Eclipse, Gson and ClientLogin / OAuth, SVG, and iBeacons

Education & training

UNICEN (National University of Central Buenos Aires) Tandil, Argentina
Systems Engineering degree (2014 - 2017)

Thesis: "Quality Scenarios Generation from Requirements Specs, Using NLP"

UNICEN (National University of Central Buenos Aires) Tandil, Argentina
Analyst Programmer (2008 - 2014)

Courses & Training
  • Programming mobile devices (Android) UNICEN, 60 hrs
  • Agile software development methodologies, 60 hrs
  • Service-oriented computing, 24 hrs
  • Software engineering workshop, 60 hrs
  • Building JavaFX applications. Oracle OTN Tour, Buenos Aires, 4 hrs

Conference participation

Haggai International Institute Leadership Experience. Hawaii, USA 2018

International Conference of Software Engineering. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Oracle Technology Network – San Andrés University. Buenos Aires, Argentina

41º JAIIO – UNLP University. La Plata, Argentina


Android SDK • Android Studio • Espresso • Robolectric • Charles Proxy • Retrofit • Jetpack Architecture Components

SQLite • Oracle • PostgreSQL

RxJava • JUnit • Mockito • Gradle • Maven • Code Coverage • Eclipse IDE • ORM tools

Object Oriented Modeling • Design Patterns • SOLID • Clean Architecture • UML

C++ • Kotlin • XML • SQL • Gherkin • Reactive & Functional

Scrum • Kanban • TDD • BDD

Atlassian Tools • Git • SonarQube • Configuration Management • Continuous Delivery • CMMI • Analytics • Postman • Un*x OS


Team Leader: Mi vida por tu vida (August 2008 – present)
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Travel to poor towns, bringing donations and painting and repairing public schools and orphanages