Jose Andres Bogantes

jose andres

React Native Engineer | San José, Costa Rica

Jose is a full-stack engineer with experience developing in JavaScript and React Native. He is highly proactive and loves staying up to date with cutting-edge web technologies.

Full Stack Developer

18 Techs
Full Stack Developer



Full Stack Developer (March 2018-present) 

  • Currently building a game using nativescript, angular two and typescript with the backend using node js.

Full Stack Developer
18 Techs (September 2015-March 2018)

  • Developed point-of-sale app using Angular one.
  • Built mobile app using phonegap and angular one with the backend built using node.js like a framework and themongoDB database.
  • Built a platform to manage a routine for exercise using Angular one, React, node.js, and mongoDB
  • Rebuilt the first version of the point-of-sale using React and node.js
  • Built 3 apps with React Native: One app focused on helping a driver deliver packages. The second app focused on the customer sending new packages and managing the user's points, discounts, credit cards, and personal information. The third app focused on payments in the store, enabling the user to pay invoices using the app with payment provider Square.



Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Computer Systems Engineer (2012-2015)

Technical Skills

Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, React, React Native, JS, Angular, Node, React-native (Apple and Android Development), Nativescript (Apple and Android Development), Ionic, PhoneGap, Javascript Frameworks, React JS, Angular JS 1 – 2, Node js: socket js, Express, MongoDB, RESTful applications, Stripe