Juan Gabriel Gutierrez


Senior Android Developer | Medellin, Colombia

Gabriel is a senior Android engineer with over 7 years of experience. Gabriel started to code 16 years ago and has delivered software for desktop, web, and mobile environments. He is now focused completely on making Android apps for companies in the USA while being based in Medellin, Colombia. He has worked on highly visible applications such as eHarmony and the Play Disney Parks.

Gabriel has also done some freelance work in Medellin with Android. He released a food and delivery application and is engaged in the Medellin Android and Medellin JavaScript meetups. In addition, he has also taken the initiative to teach courses on Android development at universities in Medellin.

Gabriel likes to explore new mobile technologies in his side projects. He is keenly interested in releasing and contributing to open source projects like he did during his client work on the Goldfingr project.


eHarmony : eHarmony is one of the more popular online dating service/application.

Play Disney Parks :  'Play Disney Parks' enables family and friends to play attraction related games while waiting in line—from activities that interact with select attraction queues to games that immerse you never like before in the stories of the Disney theme parks.

GoldFingr :  The modern paradigm of social clubs - a think tank, incubator, and socially conscious business accelerator



Android Tech Lead
Endava (October 2018 - present)
Gabriel is the sole Android developer maintaining the eHarmony Android application. eHarmony is a large online dating service/application. Gabriel has been been responsible for fixing performance and stability issues with the comms system including the chat communications so that the users can successfully communicate with their matches. Gabriel is also leading the effort to migrate some modules of the app from Java into Kotlin to improve the maintainability of the application.

Android Engineer
Globant (August 2016 - October 2018)
Gabriel joined the Android team at Disney and worked as part of a distributed team on the following projects 

  • Play Disney Parks : This application enables families and friends to play attraction related games while waiting in line -- from activities that interact with select attraction queues to games that immerse the user like never before in the stories of the Disney theme parks. One of the challenges that was addressed was providing an immersive experience while restricting the APK size to 100MB (maximum APK size allowed in the Play Store). This was addressed by implementing a mechanism enabling games to fetch assets and store them in external storage in real time each time a game gets updated in the GameBoard by using Firebase. 
  • Profile UI Client Library : This library was the most used in the Disney ecosystem. Teams of vver 120 developers used this library in multiple projects. Gabriel was tasked with migrating the library from a MVC to a MVP architecture pattern using Kotlin. This required him to communicate to all teams using this library about the new architecture and best practices to incorporate this into their applications. In addition, he also fixed defects and helped teams integrate the new library into their applications.

Android Engineer
Talos  (May 2014 - April 2016)
Gabriel worked on the following projects for Mozido and M3 World Consulting while at Talos

  • Mr Donut : Gabriel worked along with a multicultural team spread out in El Salvador, Mexico, Austin (USA) and Medellin(Colombia). He developed features for Android apps with services that include loyalty programs, and targeted marketing services featuring geo-targeting, real-time delivery and redemption of coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards on the consumers’ mobile phone.
  • Dairy Queen : Gabriel collaborated with a distributed team adding new features and maintaining the server side and the Android app to include new client requirements for the Dairy Queen loyalty application.
  • Goldfingr. Gabriel got an opportunity to learn and develop Goldfingr project with emerging mobile technologies such as React Native (iOS). Goldfingr is a think tank, incubator and socially conscious business accelerator. Some modules from this project were released as open source on Github.


University of Antioquia
Bachelor of Computer Science


Android, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, RxJava, Dagger, Otto, C#, Firebase, React Native