Marcos Javier Barroso

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Blockchain Engineer | Córboda, Argentina

Marcos is a full stack web and mobile engineer with experience working on a variety of projects. He has a strong knowledge of Python and Angular and was recently certified in decentralized applications. He is very interested in working more with blockchain and natural language processing.


Commercial Property Database
Back End / Front End Developer

Software Developer

Context Informatic Innovation
Co-founder and Developer



Backend / Front End Developer
CPD - Commercial Property Database (January 2017 - Present)
Working as a freelance developer using multiple technologies including Python, Django, celery, rabbitmq, docker, MySQL, Angular.js, and Bootstrap.

Software Developer
Freelance (October 2013 - Present)
Worked as a web developer on a variety of projects including portals, blogs, e-commerce, and mobile.

  • Passionate learner of every aspect related to coding, design, testing and automation
  • Goal-oriented person, striving for gradual improvement toward excellence
  • Seeking to be involved in the architectural definition of web applications
  • Always giving machine learning and natural language processing another try

Co-founder and Developer
Context Informatic Innovation (January 2015 - Present)
Performed software development consulting.

Backend Developer
Thristie (2016 - 2016)

Poligraf (July 2010 - January 2015)
Acted as an independent entrepreneur in the field of packaging.

Web Developer
Unisono S.A. (January 2014 - August 2014)
Worked as a web developer using a wide variety of technologies aimed at social network application and e-commerce.

Web Developer
Gameloft (January 2008 - June 2010)
Worked as a web developer in the eCommerce department using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Main Frame Cobol Programmer
EDS (January 2008 - June 2010)
Worked as COBOL programmer for the American Airlines account.


Compraloahi (January 2015)
Compraloahi is a web application for ad searching based on a user's geographical location. This application gives users the ability to search ads of their interests by indicating their location on a map and selecting the radius of the area where they want to find them. It also gives the seller the ability to target potential buyers in specific areas. Compraloahi is an intuitive application that allow user to easily find what they are looking for by interacting with a map and filter. Once the user has found what he is looking for, he has the ability to use a private or public message system. Moreover, a user can configure a set of criteria based on his interests to receive notifications as he gets closer to the location of those products and services that he is interested in. 

Technologies: Django, Django Rest Framework, Celery, Haystack, Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Angularjs Jquery, Bootstrap, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet, LESS etc.

Comporaloahi Mobile (January 2015)
The Comporaloahi mobile application that allows users to search for products and services close to their geographic location by interacting with a map. It also has the functionality of alerting users when they get close to a product or service of their interest.

Technologies: Cordova, IONIC, Angular, LESS, OpenStreetMap with leaftlet etc.

Performed analysis, design, development, and implementation of a SaaS web application with e-commerce generation. The application supports selecting various themes and variations therein, multiple languages. e-commerce with various functionalities from products to configure the attributes, favorite dynamic options, stock control, shipping tracker, ranking products, shopping cart, etc. Also includes a CMS with the ability to dynamically generate pages and various integrated e-commerce plugins, bootstrapping in general, dynamic forms, social networks, maps, etc.

Technologies: Django, Django CMS, Rest Django Framework, Celery, Postgres, Bootstrap, Angular

Siembra (January 2016)
Siembra is a web application that processes donations for churches. Performed full stack development and server administration.

Technologies: Django, Bootstrap, Django Rest, Celery, Linux, Nginx, Django CMS, integration with Epay and propay payment gateways

Pocketik is an application to sell passes and consumption for events and bars. Performed backend and front end development.

Technologies: Django, Bootstrap, Angularjs, API REST, Mercadopago payment gateway

Welo Tv Clips (July 2015)
Developed hybrid mobile application with IONIC.

Reservation (shifts system)
Performed design, analysis, and implementation of a management system shift between patients / clients and physicians, with an integrated calendar, map to view the location of shifts, and reports etc. 

Technologies: Django, DjangoAdmin , celery, sqlite, Jquery, Jquery UI,


System Engineer, System Engineering (2003 – 2007)
Three years completed. Not continuing studies right now.

Mechatronic Technicature
Mechatronic Technician, Mecatronica (2004 – 2005)
Focused on mixing multiple discipline such as programming, electronic, and mechanics

Descentralized Applications (July 2018)
School of AI., License

Technical Skills

Angular, slim PHP framework, Git, Spacy, JavaScript, chatbots telegram and messenger, XML, Bootstrap, JSON, OOP, tensorflow, Less, web development, Cordova, Python, jQuery, Linux, RESTful web services, PHP, Neo4j, Django, ethereum, MySQL, sklearn, React.js, HTML, solidity, Subversion, IONIC, SOAP