Matias Barrios


Senior Javascript Developer | Punta del Este, Uruguay

Matias has spent the last few years fully building cloud platforms. These platforms interact through APIs with others and through web interfaces with the end user. Angular.js and Material Design (for admin GUIs) have become part of his essentials for building complex and responsive web interfaces. He has heavily used other tools, such as D3.js and Charts.js, for visualization purposes. On the server side, he has experience with the CodeIgniter Framework, MySQL, Linode, Node.js, Rails, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Firebase. He has developed Android and iOS mobile applications as part of these platforms, making web applications that interact through the Javascript API and native Java ones.


Web Developer

Full Stack Developer

Senior Developer



Web Developer
SalsaMobi  (September 2017 - Present)
Worked as the sole backend developer of the Chipper Student Loan application ( The application interacts with many third-party financial APIs like Finicity, Dwolla, and Regalii. Backend was built from zero with express.js. Automated tests were built for testing.

Web Developer
Nolte (August 2016 - September 2017)
Worked as a freelancer developing a real-time chat for a specific investigation of NYU University. The web chat app had a Material Design look-and-feel. It was developed with Angular.js on the client side and interacted directly with the firebase database through its javascript API. The node.js server app only served the html/css/js files once to the client. Worked as the sole developer, interacting with designers and people in charge of the deployment.

Full Stack Developer
Punta for Sale (April 2015 - August 2016)
Teamed up with the company behind the real estate magazine Punta For Sale of Punta del Este for selling software services. The platform developed crawls more than 50 real estate agent sites and publishes those who are subscribed automatically on its website. All the information is stored for further market analysis. The magazine website offers its visitors an interactive searching method centered on the use of a map and the location of its results. This method is compared to the most important real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and even Airbnb. The same code is used fo the mobile and desktop version, optimized for managing big volume of results. Email campaigns that reach the end user are carried on automatically.

Senior Developer
Scanntech (February 2013 - April 2015)
Developed interactive dashboards for the Business Intelligence Department. Used d3.js, crossfilter, Twitter Bootstrap and leaflet.js (along with mapbox/tilemill) for making powerful interactive dashboards for analyzing high volumes of data. Created clickable charts that would filter one-another depending on the selected value, handling nearly a hundred thousand rows, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. Material Design and angular.js were also used for the GUI. Involved in the development of Rails and CodeIgniter applications on the server-side, using several caching techniques and optimizing Oracle SQL queries.

ViniVini Real Estate Software (July 2012 - Present)
ViniVinSi Real Estate is a software platform that offers a complete solution for real estate agents. After a short installation and customization, a real estate agent can have its own site with its own backend where its portfolio is presented. Among the most important features of this platform are:

  • A cutting-edge search tool for potential clients, as powerful as the most important real estate search sites such as Zillow, Trulia and even Airbnb
  • Web responsive backend, usable from any device for managing the agent's portfolio as well as for reading statistical analysis
  • Automatic publishing in popular sites such as Mercadolibre through their APIs.
  • Automatic logging of clients and their interests for future email campaigns and automatic notifications based on their interests

Full Stack Developer
Foresur G.I.E. (March 2010 - Present)
Developed platform for tracing wood harvesting throughout all its process. Key platform features include:

  • Generating automatic payments for every company/service provider involved
  • Sending and receiving data from POS devices and other platforms of clients and providers through APIs
  • Dealing with wrong data as well as updating triggering processes
  • Generating alerts under special circumstances of the business logic
  • Printing of checks and reports
  • Capability of dealing with the complex logic of the business that changes over with time

Senior Developer
GoalBit Solutions (October 2009 - September 2012)
GoalBit was born as an academic and open source project to develop a P2P protocol for live video transmissions. Masters, doctorates, and internships were dedicated to the project thanks to the funding of different entities. I was a co-funder and co-owner of the private project.

The main product developed is a video platform that can control several servers that process live and on demand video contents, and serves them to end-users in a proprietary HLS + P2P protocol to be handled by GoalBit's proprietary client software or any HLS player. It is built using codeigniter (PHP), each component interacting through client-side validated certificates and REST APIs with the others. Dynamic creation and disposal of server according to the video demand was also developed using Amazon's EC2 services and API.

The GoalBit open source project at SourceForge is a client for watching live video content transmitted with such protocol. The GoalBit client application, a modification of the original open source application, has been cross-compiled to Windows, Linux and Android.

  • Web core development (interfaces, database design and interaction, REST web services, API interaction, SDKs)
  • Linux server deployments (of the web and video processing applications).
  • Compiling and cross compiling C++ code in Linux environments for Windows, SH4, Android, among others.
  • Technical, promotional and user documentation.
  • Task planning and estimating.


Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay
Computer Science (2003-2009)
A 5-year plan that focuses on the formation of the Computer Engineering in such areas as planning, developing and maintaining any computerized system.

Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
Computer Science (May 2009 - August 2009)
A four months internship to study geolocalization applied to P2P protocols at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique.

Cambridge University, UK
Certificate of Proficiency in English, Grade A (March 2003 - November 2003)
A four months internship to study geolocalization applied to P2P protocols at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique.

St. Catherine's School - IBO
International Baccalaureate - English (2000 - 2002)
Studied several areas of knowledge in both languages, Spanish and English, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, history, literature and philosophy, being part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma of the IB Organization.

Cambridge University, UK
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (March 2000 - November 2000)

Cambridge University, UK
First Certificate in English (March 1999 - November 1999)

Technical Skills

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java

CodeIgniter, Angular JS, D3.js, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Chart.js