Miguel Rojas

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Senior Front-end Developer | Avellaneda, Argentina

Miguel is a skilled and experienced graphic designer who found a path to learn the magic of web design. He is an expert in CSS, HTML, and website layout design, as well as, applying it to UX/UI development for clients. 

He took the initiative to learn JavaScript so he would be capable of developing frontend views for both websites and apps. He likes coding and finds it easy to learn.

He expects to continue growing professionally by harnessing his creativity and constantly searching for new ideas and solutions to client requests and personal projects.

NOTABLE Experience

Worked on the development of the UI for one of the internal flight booking apps in the company in Angular.


Worked very closely with the Method design agency in order to develop the website UI. Utilized background in graphic design to move faster within the development process.


Part of the frontend development team working with internal app UI and parts of the new website.




Web UI Developer
Globant (February 2018 - Present)
Participated in a project for one of the biggest banks in the world working on a trade market monitor app with React.js. This was his first professional use of React and it served him well to get to know the framework in depth. With his strong JavaScript background, the learning curve was very small.


  • Developed custom components based on visual design specifications and UX on top of a modular architecture using React.js

Front-end Developer
BairesDev (January 2017 - June 2017)
Joined the company to participate in a project that connects customers to brands and companies based on categories and quality reviews.

Since the beginning, felt comfortable debating and proposing ideas to the team. Would continually spot areas to improve based on previous experiences in the field. It was a great challenge to work in a framework-free environment, thinking how things are done instead of finding a packaged solution.


  • Developed custom components from scratch based on modular architecture
  • Contributed to improving project scalability

Front-end Developer
Globallogic (January 2015 - January 2017)
Globallogic offered the opportunity to learn and enter the big leagues of development. Perfected skills and learned a great deal about how things are done on high-end projects.

Worked with a trade market simulator, a high-end travel agency, and a home security product retailer. Worked alongside the most talented people that opened a new world of knowledge and possibilities.


  • Created a custom-made mobile first framework for a website project
  • Contributed to the style guide definitions of the projects
  • Mentored and taught best practices for frontend prototyping with HTML and CSS

Web Designer
Axeso5 (November 2011 - January 2015)
Axeso5 is a video game publisher with millions of players in Latin America. First full-time web-based job and the kickoff of his career as a frontend designer.

Designed a variety of elements from static assets to fully interactive websites. He contributed to the company growth and participated in new projects and ideas during the company’s most successful time.


  • Designed a new brand guide and corporate identity for the company
  • Improved web performance and customer conversion rate applying different design, communication, and development strategies
  • Designed and develop a customized social network for the players

Art Director
Playboy Venezuela (November 2009 - March 2011)
Worked at Playboy Magazine and had the chance to get involved in a massive editorial production, working with top class brands and most influential people.


  • Transformed the magazine layout and refreshed its design style
  • Helped increase the sales numbers
  • Targeted new audiences with a style aligned with current trends
  • Participated in the conceptualization of different sections and photoshoots for the magazine

Graphic Designer
Minauri (October 2007 - November 2009)
GoaMinauri and Quili are two associated companies in the home craft business. They offer both educational and editorial work. Worked on many design tasks including web design, brochures, advertising, and magazines.


  • Increased the customer reach using SEO on the website
  • Involved in the company’s growth by expanding the variety of content and its quality

Creative Director
Lanzate (October 2007 - July 2008)
Worked on the design for Lánzate Magazine including advertising, corporate design, animations, and a large variety of print and digital artworks.

• Made digital yearbooks using flash
• Improved the magazine design quality

Graphic Designer
JR Karreras (Septeber 2005 - March 2006)
Worked with international brands such as Smirnoff and Johnny Walker using their guidelines to create 2D renders of fully customized stores


  • Improved productivity by creating processes and methodologies that optimized the creation of renders
  • Improved the quality of deliverable artworks for the different client stores

Graphic Designer
Graus Graphics (January 2005 - September 2005)
Improved and learned graphic design tools through this first role as a graphic designer. Was offered the freedom to experiment and play with creativity for the client's requirements.

• Boosted productivity and delivery


IDDAR (Darias Design Institute)
Visual Designer - 2009

Technical Skills

Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, HTML, CSS, SASS, SEO, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, ReactJS


Most of the projects mentioned above had either distributed teams or multiple team collaboration. At ConsumerAffairs, the team was distributed across Syberia, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, and Buenos Aires. At JPMorgan, teams were located in India, USA, UK, Argentina, and Spain. Agile methodologies and project management tools like JIRA combined with communication tools like Slack make it possible to work in sync from all around the world.


With both a graphic design and development background, Miguel is consistently the liaison between development and design teams. He uses strong collaboration skills to apply UI/UX knowledge between the teams during the iterative processes of a project.