Vincent Villalta


Senior iOS Engineer (Remote) | Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Vincent is passionate about technology and dedicated to iOS development. He is recognized for his eagerness to learn, his positive attitude and commitment to excellence, and his dependability during crunch time.


Expertise: Vincent has been rocking Objective-C code since 2009.

Initiative: A highly successful self-taught iOS engineer.

Efficiency: Experience automating systems to drastically reduce need for project resources.



Freelance Developer
Self (2010 - present) 
  • Worked for local and overseas clients.
  • Shipped and coded more than two dozen native iOS apps.
  • Developed React native cross-platform Android and iOS apps.
  • Worked with several backend environments (AWS, REST, Open Graph).
  • Developed and designed several APIs for mobile apps.
  • Acquired experience with UX patterns and app scalability.
  • Used Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Lambda, and PHP in backend development.
Senior iOS Developer
Dosh (October 2016 - February 2019) 
  • Oversaw development of the first version of Dosh, built from scratch.
  • Collaborated with the backend team and the Android team.
  • As part of a multi-devs environment, launched several versions of Dosh.
  • Rewrote v2 from the ground up, migrating from Objective-C to Swift, using a Redux architecture.
Senior iOS Developer
Apple Insider (May 2017 - June 2017) 
  • Implemented a companion Apple Watch application for the Apple Insider project.
  • Introduced the in-app purchase system to subscribe to premium content. 

React Native Developer
Flocabulary (October 2016 - January 2017) 

  • Developed, as part of a team, the React Native app for Flocabulary, including a custom media player, in-app purchase functionality, and parent/child versions of the app.

Senior iOS Developer & CI/CD Architect
Skylab Apps (May 2016 - October 2016)

  • Implemented features and fixed bugs.
  • Helped develop an automated app-builder, using Jenkins, Bash, and Fastlane to
    (1) generate and deliver new versions of an app whenever a bug was fixed or a feature was implemented, automatically generating 22 builds for all clients and uploading them to the App Store
    (2) generate new apps semi-automatically, using existing architecture and new parameters—this reduced the work from 70 human hours per release of all new versions to a server-hour effort of 5 hours.

iOS Developer
Valet Anywhere (April 2016 - August 2016)

  • Oversaw development and improvement of iOS app providing on-demand valet services.
  • Implemented real-time location tracking of vehicle and valet.
  • Implemented in-app subscriptions and payment systems using Stripe and Paypal.

Senior iOS and Back-End Developer
Safe Service (October 2015 - March 2016) 

  • Helped develop the MVP for safer service for a Chilean startup offering a handyman directory with customer reviews and in-app payments.

Chief Technology Officer
IMS (2011 - 2014) 

  • Managed the entire development team, using scrum methodology.
  • Worked as the main iOS developer and managed iOS, Android, and web teams.
  • Managed and approved UX on different client applications.
  • Built 12 mobile apps and over 25 web applications and websites. 






Apple Worldwide Developers Conference – San Francisco, June 2014
Facebook F8 Developers Conference – San Francisco, April 2014
Facebook F8 Developers Conference – San Francisco, March 2016


Objective-C, Swift, Reactive Cocoa, RxSwift, Core OS, Cocoa Touch, Java, RxJava, NDK, React Native, ignite framework, iONIC, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, AWS Lambda, PHP, Angular, Ember, Glup, Stylus, Jade, Haml, HTML, CSS, React JS, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Maria SQL, Realm, SQLCipher, Bluetooth, Arduino, embedded systems.