Yury Camacho


Senior Android Developer | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yury is an experienced Android developer and software engineering professional with a master's degree in software engineering. He is a true thought-leader and international speaker, who has given more than 30 presentations on Android development and related topics.


Android Specialist: Thousands of conference and festival-goers in multiple countries have attended his presentations on Android topics.

Expertise in Change-Management: Yury is used to driving technology changes and architecture refactoring.

Top-Line Experience: He has worked for Google, JPMorgan Chase, Globant, and others and taught at the university level, and he manages GDG Cochamba.



Android Software Engineer
OLX Group (February 2018 - present) 

  • Serve as Android developer for buyer experience team.

Google Developer for Android
Google, Inc. (November 2017 - present)

  • Serve as officially recognized Expert Google Developer.

Android Technical Lead
Globant (September 2016 - February 2018) 

  • Led teams in mobile software development.

Android Professor
ITMaster Professional Training (June 2017 - present) 

  • Teach Android software development.

Senior Android Developer
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank (April 2015 - July 2015; February 2016 - May 2017) 

  • Built a mobile security library for Android apps and internal apps.
  • Built mobile Markets app.

New Product Manager
Millicom - Tigo Bolivia (August 2015 - January 2016) 

  • Created new technology products using cloud services and M2M technology, as well as mobile apps for corporate enterprises.

Mobile Software Developer
Freelance (August 2015 - present) 

  • Develop mobile Android software.

Lead Software Engineer
NetUniverse Corp., a Google partner (April 2014 - March 2015) 

  • Led team developing mobile and web Android apps, using Google Cloud, and iOS apps, using Swift.

Systems and Software Consultant
Serranias Nevadas S.A., a SABMiller subsidiary (January 2013 - February 2014) 

  • Administered Linux servers; collaborated on, developed, and implemented mobile Android/Java apps for mass distribution.

Official Manager
Google Developers Group Cochamba (June 2012 - present) 

  • Organize and give presentations on Google technologies.

Team Lead: Mobile and Web Development
Dreamware SRL (October 2011 - February 2014

  • Led development of mobile Android apps and Java web applications.

Teaching Assistant: Mobile Programming
San Simón University (August 2010 - June 2012

  • Taught development of mobile apps for Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, and Android OS.

Software Developer
Inventiva Software SRL (July 2011 - October 2011) 

  • Developed web applications using Java, Spring framework, Hibernate, and MySQL.

Software Developer
IdeaSoft, Inc. (May 2010 - January 2011) 

  • Developed mobile apps (Symbian OS, Blackberry OS) and Java web applications.

Conference Speaker
Various (2012 - present) 

  • December 2018, DevFest Mexico
    Topic: Modern Android Development.
  • November 2018, Cochabamba
    Topic: Building Real Native apps with Flutter.
  • October 2018, DroidFestival Chile
    Topic: Navigation Component.
  • September 2018, Google Flutter Meetup
    Topic: Building Real Native Apps with Flutter.
  • September 2018, DevFest Neuquen
    Topic: Building Real Native Apps with Flutter.
  • August 2018, Droids4Droids
    Topic: Building Real Native Apps with Flutter.
  • June 2018, Google IO Extended
    Topic: What's New in Android.
  • January 2018, Mobile Nights by GDG Cochabamba
    Topic: Kotlin: Sharing Code Between Platforms.
  • November 2017, GDG Buenos Aires DevFest17
    Topic: ARCore.
  • November 2017, GDG Cochabamba DevFest 17
    Topic: RxJava for Android Developers.
  • October 2017, Mobile Day, GDG Rio de la Plata
    Topic: Kotlin for Android Developers.
  • June 2017, IO Extended GDG Lima
    Topic: Kotlin for Android Developers.
  • June 2017, IO Extended GDG Cochabamba
    Topic: Kotlin.
  • May 2017, IOExtended GDG Rio de la Plata
    Topic: Kotlin.
  • April 2017, GDG Rio de la Plata, Firebase Day
    Topic: Firebase and Android.
  • December 2016, GDG Buenos Aires DevFest
    Topic: Firebase and Android.
  • October 2016, JPMorgan TechTalks
    Topic: Firebase Overview.
  • May 2016, Firebase Day, Google Argentina
    Topic: Firebase and Android.
  • May 2016, IO Extended Google Argentina
    Topic: Mobile and Cloud Vision API.
  • Oct 2015, TechZone - JalaSoft
    Topic: Android Wear & Android M Preview.
  • February 2015, Work Day - GDG La Plata
    Topic: Android Wear Workshop.
  • August 2014, GDG La Plata Meetup
    Topic: Glass Development Kit and Mirror API, Chomecast SDK.
  • May 2014, Glass and Wear
    Topic: Glass Development Kit and Mirror API.
  • February 2014, Glass Kick Start Meetup EMI
    Topic: Glass Development Kit and Mirror API.
  • February 2014, Glass Kick Start Meetup, UMSS
    Topic: Glass Development Kit and Mirror API.
  • November 2013, GDG DevFest La Paz
    Topic: Android and GDrive API.
  • October 2013, Conociendo mas tecnología
    Topic: Google APIs.
  • October 2013, GDG DevFest Cochabamba
    Topic: Android + Google Maps + Places API + Compute Engine.
  • October 2013, GDG DevFest Buenos Aires
    Topic: Android + Google Maps + Places API + Compute Engine.
  • August 2013, Bolivian Celebration Meetup
    Topic: Android Development and Tools.
  • June 2013, Google Coffee Meeting
    Topic: Google Maps API.
  • March 2013, GDG Cochabamba Unleashed
    Topic: Integrating Google Maps with Mobile Tracking Devices.
  • October 2012, GDG DevFest Innova Bolivia
    Topic: Geolocation Using Google Tools.
  • October 2012, GDG DevFest Cochabamba
    Topic: Android and Location Services.

Google Developer BUS
Google Project (October 2013) 

I was among the 40 participants selected out of 800 applicants.


University of San Simón (UMSS)
Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering (2010)

National University of La Plata
Master's Degree in Software Engineering (2015 - 2016)


Spanish and English

Android, Java, Kotlin, Swift, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, C#, iOS, Flutter, Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, PostGis, Android Studio, Jetpack, Retrofit, Dagger, Butterknife, RoboGuice, ActiveAndroid, Gson, GreenDAO, Volley, Picasso, RoboSpice, JSF, PrimeFaces, IceFaces, Spring MVC, Hibernate, WPF, SugarORM

Current Research: Machine Learning